MYCOTTONCANDY (knit&design)

When I held my very first yarn in my hands, I was 6 years old because I was lucky enough to learn crafting at school. I created a teddybear and because it went pretty well I also made him some socks and a vest to wear. I never dreamed back than, that this was the beginning of a lovestory.

I didn’t knit for many years after that, and it was only when I struggled with depression, anxiety and panic attacks, that my passion for knitting revealed itself. This is now more than six years ago. For quite some time now, I’ve been giving away my knittings as gifts to friends and family and they constantly encourage me to sell my stuff, but I was never confident enough, to try develope my own designs let alone sell them.

Last winter I was looking for a warmup jumpsuit for balletclass (for I am an adultballerina), but only found black, pink and burgundy colored options. So I decided to knit one for myself. The girls saw it in class and instantly I had 4 orders on my table. I guess that was the moment, when I felt, that someone might actually like, what I’m creating, and would want to have a piece of it for themselves.

So I really hope, you enjoy handmade, unique knitwear just as much as I do, when they come in the pastely, most dreamy colors there are!

Let’s be creative together.
Much knitlove,