I recently built myself a half-racer. The frame and rims are from an old bike I found at my moms, everything else I installed myself. I enjoyed learning so much about how everything works and where everything goes. Plus: now I get to drive around the city on this beauty. I’m in love!

These are triangles made of bamboo and fabric. I came up with this design for festival decorations and developed this proto-type (left). I then thought, why not build a 3D-object with these, and thats how I came up with the lamp (right). I want to create even more objects and designs with this concept, since it’s super easy and quick to build, it’s very low in costs and has quite the visual effect. So dreamy for all those summer nights to come…


I built this kitchen-bank. I didn’t have any design or construction-plan to follow, I just thought of what I wanted and needed and scribbled it. Did all the measuring, sawing, grinding, screwing plus I made a pad to put on top and sewed a bunch of pillow-cases to put on top. Very stable and comfy. Plus: I have a lot of extra storage underneath.


I always loved crafting. For a very long time I was knitting beautiful things and selling them on etsy (you can still find a few of my knitting patterns and some scrunchies up there). 2018 I really got into creating beautiful handmade headpieces. They’re so much more than just jewelry though. They’re meant to empower you to let your light shine bright and be confident and proud of who you truly are.

If you like to get your own personal crown, click the link below.